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  • Supplier of Industrial Valves, Strainers, Joints, Instruments and Related Equipment
  • exclusive representative of Chekhov-CHZEM & ARMALIT Russia, MAGWEN Germany,
  • VALTORQUE Hungary, Z-Tide Taiwan and ZUBI Spain

About us:

Company "Batise Part Middle East" is one of the leading distributors in the field of industrial valves and related equipment according to high quality and international standards. Batise is currently one of the most famous parts distribution centers of industrial valves, fittings, control valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, flow meters and other related facilities. Our company has a work experience since 1999 in the Middle East with full confidence in supply of a wide range of valves and accessories to the customers with the highest international standards.

Exclusive Distributor

In collaboration with the world's largest producers of valves including Chekhov-CHZEM & ARMALIT Russia, MAGWEN Germany , VALTORQUE Hungary , Z-Tide Taiwan and  ZUBI Spain, Batise Part Middle East is exclusive agent in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebenan. Cooperation with reputable manufacturers in the world allows us to offer the highest quality valves to customers. Cooperation with these manufacturers, with the most modern industrial methods and using the highest quality raw materials, already presented confidence to our customers in a wide range of market.

The scope of products

The production during the long years of massive infrastructure projects, including oil and gas platforms, refineries, irrigation, distribution of drinking water, sewage systems, chemical industry, fire fighting, pharmaceutical, and other applications, and taking advantage of features such as long life, precision engineering, have been gotten trust of the consumers around the world during many years.

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