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  • Supplier of Industrial Valves, Strainers, Joints, Instruments and Related Equipment
  • exclusive representative of Chekhov-CHZEM & ARMALIT Russia, MAGWEN Germany,
  • VALTORQUE Hungary, Z-Tide Taiwan and ZUBI Spain

It has been more than 24 years that Z-Tide Valve, engaging in various types of valve production. In the pass, the company's business was concentrated to the association with foreign famous producers and RD. In the initial of 1991, specific machines and digital CNC processing were introduced, which have enabled Z-Tide to obtain precise quality control and established well the foundation for precise valve manufacturing. By means of accumulated experience for years from valve production on site, Z-Tide keep on cultivating talents to achieve better performance and design new and proper valves to meet the industrial demand. It is Z-Tide expectation that industries may purchase the most excellent products by most economic prices. At moment Z-Tide products have been acknowledged and patented under new models world wide.

Z-Tide Products:

Float Valve
Sustaining Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve
Back Pressure Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
Solenoid Valve
Pump Control Valve
I Type Water Hammer Arrester
L Type Water Hammer Arrester
Compact Pressure Reducing Valve Set
Traditional Pressure Reducing Valve Set
Pilot Operated Piston Type Valve
Module Type Pressure Reducing Valve
Diaphragm Type Pressure Reducing Valve
Diaphragm Type Pressure Relief Valve
Direct Activated back Pressure Valve
Direct Activated Pressure Reducing Valve
Direct Activated Pressure Relief Valve
Low Pressure Reducing Valve
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