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  • Supplier of Industrial Valves, Strainers, Joints, Instruments and Related Equipment
  • exclusive representative of Chekhov-CHZEM & ARMALIT Russia, MAGWEN Germany,
  • VALTORQUE Hungary, Z-Tide Taiwan and ZUBI Spain

A group of Iranian engineers have over 15 years experience in the field of industrial valves in the Middle East, they established "Batise Part Middle East company" to provide good quality services and expertise for internal projects, at the field of industrial valves and other related equipment, they are now in the country, and welcomes the following objectives:

1. The procurement of products with quality and international standards with the use of the most prestigious European manufacturers.

2. The wide range of pipe sizes from size 20 to 3000 mm in order to meet any domestic need.

3. The range of applications, ranging from potable water, irrigation distribution networks, sewage, oil and gas, types of gases, corrosive substances or chemicals, food and other applications that this matter through the use of various materials in the manufacture of valves is provided.

4- shorter delivery times and make storage of frequently-used size and other custom products to minimize delivery time.

5. Provide product warranty and support and supply of spare parts and components that are more susceptible to burnout.

6. advice to clients in the selection of appropriate pipe fittings and cost-effective application.



Pipe Fittings


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