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 Rubber Joints are devised for piping works, consisting of a flexible main shell made of synthetic rubber with inner reinforcements to provide consistency, and pipe connections by means of loose flanges or threaded unions.

Rubber joints are easy to install due to their light weight and relatively small space requirement and their importance in the industry today is of enormous value as they protect highly valued installations and equipment and provide many benefits when installed into any rigid pipe system:

- Noise and vibrations caused by equipment such as pumps are absorbed by Rubber Joints. Noise is a very uncomfortable element for workers at plants and vibration causes fatigue stress in pipes and equipment that may easily lead to destruction. Rubber Joints alleviate such problems.

- Thermal movements appear in any rigid system due to temperature changes. Rubber Joints balance such movements.

- Rubber Joints provide a great assistance to the plant commissioning team by balancing slight pipe works misalignment and can even be used as telescopic mounting kits.

- Rubber joints can withstand surge pressures and mitigate the effects caused by water hammers thanks to their relatively high tensile strength.

- Thanks to its rubber composition and wide range of material options, they can work in a vast number of applications.

- An additional advantage is its non-conductive feature, very useful to avoid the electrolysis problem that appears when putting two different metals in contact.


Rubber Expansion Joints Catalog

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