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Strainers are important components to protect equipment from potential damage from dust and other particles that may be brought by the fluid.

At the time of installation of the system, Strainer installs upstream of the pump to protect it from construction debris that may be left in the pipe. The Strainer may be installed upstream of the control valves and instrumentation as an obstacle to penetrate corroded parts that may arise throughout the plumbing system.

Simply stated, a Strainer is a filter with the difference using of drilling or mesh to remove particles from a pipeline. The major advantage is that a Strainer is reusable. And design on three levels of drilling: a) large b) medium, and c) well,

Strainer "T Type" or Basket Strainer is generally used for high flow capacity. Clean screen by opening the top door, this type of Strainer is installed in a horizontal position,

T Type Strainer Catalog

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