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Diaphragm Valve proved to be the answer to many process engineers’ greatest desire of reliability at an acceptable cost of ownership. Of simple and reliable design, diaphragm valves offer secure operation with full leak tight at the plant. The maintenance, when required, is limited to the replacement of the diaphragm, the bolted bonnet design permits to dismantle the valve without removing the valve body from the pipe work.
The body seat-less design eases the internal lining, which opens a broad range to inexpensive options to process engineers when selecting materials resistant to corrosion and abrasion duties. Conventional isolating valves would demand expensive exotic materials to resist the effects of severe corrosion whereas a duly lined-iron based material can do the job.
Our portfolio clearly meets the requirements of modern industrial processes and the needs of all engineers. Through constant product development and own polymer research technology, Our Diaphragm Valves are a reliable alternative to existing costly and expensive to maintain conventional valves.
We manufacture one of the largest Diaphragm Valves portfolio comprehensive of body linings, diaphragm grades and actuation currently available in the international market. Our Team is available to guide you along a great cost saving experience.

we have two types of Diaphragm Valves, Weir Type and Straight Through Type

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Diaphragm Valve Catalogs

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