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Globe Valve is a linear valve to off, on and adjust the flow rate. disc is designed Truncated cone-shaped or hemispherical so that it can be removed completely from the flow or completely block the flow path.

pressure drop in Globe valve is relatively high, so when the pressure is not the main factor, the valve can use to control the flow or to choke the flow (Throttling), since all the pressure on the disc is forced to Valve's Stem. Therefore, the maximum size permissible for Globe Valve is 300 mm or 12 inches.

Types of Valve's Body:

Valve's body is designed to 3 patterns,  Tee Pattern or Body Z, 90 degrees Pattern (Angle Type) and Wye pattern or body Y,

Tee pattern is common type for Globe Valve that valve's diaphragm has Z shape, which horizontal seat (Seat) allows disc and stem are perpendicular to the horizontal line, this model has the lowest coefficient of flow and highest pressure drop.

Tee pattern of 90 degrees is modified design of Tee pattern. The output of this model is at a 90-degree angle of entry, this pattern is used where there is a possibility of an impact in terms of flow. The flow control valve in confined spaces while also undertakes the task of a knee.

Wye pattern is a replacement valves to reduce the pressure drop, driven by the seat angle is 45 degrees, the pattern is the more direct route and reduced resistance to flow,

Advantages and disadvantages of Globe Valve


• Well Ability to cut off the fluid

• A shorter kicks of fluid

• The body is designed in various forms

• Seat of the valve is easily machined or laminated


• High pressure drop

• A large force is required to close the valve

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